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Hi friends, I am Suman, Age 20 years, studying in B.A.final year, from Maharashtra (all names changed). I am a sex oriented girl, having measurements 34-24-36. When I was in 1st year, I was physically very weak. Due to insufficient growth of my breasts, I was not looking attractive at all. I always considered myself unfortunate on that account. I started to find out solution for this problem. One day, I saw an advertisement of a body lotion in the local newspaper. Along with massaging, the ad also prescribed certain tablets for enlargement of breasts. The duration of treatment was one month. The treatment was not so costly, hence I bought it immediately. Next day morning, my Mom went to school as usual. My college was closed for 15 days on account of mid-term holidays. So I was alone at home. 

I closed the main door and the window and took out the bottle of body lotion. I hurriedly unbuttoned my blouse. I was standing before a big mirror of our dressing table. I looked at my breasts. They were very small. They were like a small child who wanted to grow, but he was not being well-fed. I opened the bottle, took out a a sizable quantity of lotion and spread it all around my breasts and started to massage them. At first, it really gave me pleasure. I was determined to improve the size of my breasts, so I started massaging them very carefully. Suddenly, I felt that I was being watched by somebody. A guilty feeling seized my mind and I covered my breasts with both my hands. I looked at window from the corner of my eyes. Somebody was there. He was looking through the slight opening between the shutters. I suspected of Sonu, our neighbour, who just passed 12th Std. Except him, there was nobody who can do such a mischief. 

A wicked thought came in my mind and I decided to make use of his youth and innocence for my benefit. I deliberately turned towards the window and removed my hands from my breasts, so that he can have a full view of my body. I grabbed my breasts with both the hands , raising them upwards and squeezing them. I also moaned loudly while doing this. I was excited that I am trying to seduce a young boy with my erotic actions. Then, after ensuring that Sonu must have observed all my seductive actions, I suddenly turned towards the window and called, `Who is there?’ I heard the sound of footsteps going away from the window. I hurridly buttoned my blouse and opened the main door and looked out. My guess was correct. I was Sonu. 

I called him `Sonu….’ When he looked back, I said, `come here’. As soon as he came in, I asked him `Do you want anything?’ He replied,`No Didi, nothing’. I straightway asked him, `Then why you were peeping in?’ Sonu bewildered, but quickly he recovered himself and replied, `I saw this window closed for the first time, so out of curiosity, I looked in’. `Then what did you see?’ I asked him. `I saw you and then I left” Sonu replied. `You just saw me? Where? What I was doing?’ I was eager to hear the true answer from Sonu. `No Didi, I could not see much, just I saw you standing before the mirror’ Sonu replied hesitantly. `Tell me the truth, Sonu. What did you see?’ Upon my insistence, Sonu replied, `You were holding a small bottle in your hand. You took out some contents of the bottle and started the massage the upper part of your body’. When I heard this, I went to Sonu and took his hands into my hand and said, `See Sonu, we are neighbourers. I desperately want your help in a very confidential matter. Will you please help me?’ Sonu was surprised. `My help?’ he asked. 

`What do you mean?’. I explained him briefly about the overall weakness of my body and especially of my breasts and then added, `Doctors have advised me to take this treatment, but I am not able to do it properly. You have to help me.’ Sonu looked at me with surprise. `Do you want that….I….You want me to massage your…?’` Yes Sonu, Please! Don’t say no. I will be grateful to you if you help me, only for one month’. I was looking at Sonu’s expressions on his face. He was thinking. `But how can I? It is not difficult, I mean, but it’s awkward. I can’t do that’ I patted on his shoulders and assured him, `Sonu, it is not at all awkward, just keep one thought in your mind that you are helping me and everything will be alright,’ At last, Sonu agreed and also assured me that he will keep this in secret. Then, I handed over the bottle of lotion to him and asked him to start. He took the bottle from my hand but not moved further. 

I looked at him and said, `Hey Sonu, why are you waiting?’ Sonu hesitated, but finally replied me, `But Didi, unless you remove your blouse and bra, how can I?’ I was getting excided by the conversation we had. I decided to be romantic. I turned my back towards Sonu and said, `then unbutton my blouse, I am standing before you’. Sonu heard my words and stepped forward. I felt his fingers fumbling with the buttons of my blouse. Sonu was, of course, not familiar with this act. He took a long time to unbutton the blouse. When he finished, I felt very shy. I was standing before a young boy with only bra and skirt. `Now my bra’ I said and to my surprise, Sonu obeyed my order immediately. As my bra was about to fall below, I placed it on my breasts once again and said, `Sonu, can you either close his eyes or stand behind me, please?’ Sonu smiled and said, `Yes, I can’ As soon as Sonu went behind, 

I dropped my bra on the ground. Then Sonu spread some lotion on his hands and from behind he spread the lotion around my breasts. I said `Sonu, I didn’t tell you just to spread the lotion. I want you to massage my breasts. Sonu then increased the pressure of his hand and started massaging my breasts. I was thrilled by that act. First time in my life, somebody was touching my breasts. My tiny breasts were fully covered by Sonu’s powerful hands. He started to fondle them and squeeze them instead of just massaging. As the time passed by, his pressure increased. I didn’t object it because it felt very good. This was continued for about 10 minutes. All my body became hot, especially my breasts. I looked at them, they were red-hot. I caught Sonu’s hand and stopped him. I said, `Sonu, it’s enough for the day’ Sonu didn’t say anything. He was just looking at my trembling lips. He then turned me around and said, `Didi’ Thank you. You have shown me a new world today which I had never seen. It’s a beautiful world! Can you do a favour to me, Didi?’ `Yes, of course, Sonu, What is it?’ 

Sonu heisted for a moment and said, `I want to kiss you. Can I?’ Sonu’s words caught me by surprise, but I didn’t get angry with him, instead I put my arms around his neck and offered my lips to him. Sonu bent his head and the next moment, our lips met. Sonu kissed me passionately for a long time. All my body was trembling with excitement. I clinged to him, my hand were caressing Sonu’s back. For a moment, I thought to fully submit to Sonu’s desires, but I controlled myself. I had a better idea. Unwillingly, I broke the kiss. I was breathing heavily due to excitement. I caught Sonu’s hand and said, `Sonu’ you gave me much more than I expected. I promise you, I will repay this, even more than this, but you will have to wait. Just continue this for one month, and you will get better results at the end. I promise. Pl. believe me’. Sonu heard my words and he laughed. `I have to work hard for the whole month to get full salary! Is that correct?’ I said shyly, `That’s right’. Sonu kept his promise. 

He done is job diligently for the whole month, never exceeding his limits. Day by day, I was experiencing change in my body. I was not only concentrating on massaging, I continuously took the tablets and also had nutritious food. I started morning exercise daily, have bath and then solid breakfast with two boiled eggs and a full glass of milk mixed with tonics. Mon was surprised with all my actions. I told her that I am going to improve my health and therefore she did not suspect. I gained weight of 4 lb by the end of the month and the swell of my breasts increased tremendously as a result of these combined efforts. Sonu also confirmed that my figure was taking shape. After one month, it was 34. One month passed by. Sonu never reminded me about my promise. Perhaps, he was waiting patiently and checking how faithful I was with my promise. He didn’t know that I was too eager to fulfill my promise, even beyond his expectations….. ……………………. At last that day came. As usual, we were alone in the morning. 

I had already decided to keep my words in totality, without holding back anything. `Let him do anything to me today, I will co-operate’ This was my decision. Sonu came and took the bottle of lotion and turned me to unhook my bra. I stopped him and said unashamedly , `No Sonu, one month is over. Today is your salary day’. Sonu looked at me with surprise, `Really?’ He took me in his arms. My full grown breasts pressed against his chest. He looked at my breasts but even then I did not have the feeling of shame. Sonu had done a lot of favour to me and I was about to repay it, without any reservations. I kissed Sonu passionately. My tongue darted into Sonu’s mouth and as soon as it touched Sonu’s tongue, I got an electrice shock. My whole body trembled. I was completely lost in my emotions that I did not even realize when Sonu unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked by bra. He then took both my breasts in his hands. `Didi, not a bad work. You must have gained at least two inches’ I blushed. `They are yours. Handle them as you like` I permitted him. Sonu got excited by my words and started to move his hand over the swell of my breasts. He was not massaging today, he was arousing me. He fondled my breasts delicately and then started to squeeze them. As the pressure increased, I started to moan. `Sonu’ I whispered in his ears. 

`They are your property today. They are ready for you. Handle them as roughly as you can’. Sonu started to squeeze my breasts mercilessly. Soon they became red-hot and I felt wetness in my panties. I realized that I was getting ready. I took Sonu’s hand and inserted it into my pants. His fingers touched my pussy and I moaned with pleasure. `Push my pants down, Sonu… quick’ I whispered. Sonu agareed. I was complete naked next moment. I didn’t try to hide anything, any part of my body. I was eager to offer my body to Sonu. Sonu laid me on the bed and started to undress himself. As soon as he came out of his shorts, I saw his penis. It was very big and thick, at least 6 to 7 inches long. As he started moving towards me, his swollen penis swung to & fro. I wondered how to accommodate it in my tiny pussy. When 

I was thinking about this, Sonu spread my thighs. I stopped him and asked, `What about protection? I don’t want to get pregnant. Are you withdrawing at the last moment?’ Sonu smiled and said, `Don’t worry Didi. You will not have any problem’. Then he showed me a pack of tablets he brought with him. `You will take these pills after we finish. Nothing will happen to you.’ I was relieved. There was no tension now. I just clinged to Sonue and whispered in his ears, `Then put it in quickly. I want to feel it inside’ Sonu was so excited that he simply put the tip of his penis at my entrance and pushed a little. It slid in easily. I cried out with pleasure. He withdrew slightly and pushed again. This time half of his penis went in. My pussy was wet and hot. I spread my thighs as wide as possible and raised myself up. 

Sonu put both his hands behind me and holding me tightly from behind, he thrust forward. This blow was terrible. I cried out with paid as his seven inches long penis went in completely. Sonu did not thrust again immediately. He let the pain subdued and then he started to move his penis in circular direction. As my love tunnel was fully lubricated by the excessive foreplay, I did not feel any friction at all. I was enjoying the movements of his penis in that manner. After moving his penis like that for several times, Sonu asked me `Should I thrust in again?’ `Yes’ I said, `Pl go ahead. Don’t ask my permission.’ Sonu started thrusting into me with slow, rhythmic movements. Like an expert musician, he increased the tempo. In-out, In-out, In-out….I was moaning with his every thrust. It was a delicious moment. I wished, Sonu should never stop, just go on plunging in me like that. But soon I realized that something strange was happening in my pussy, as if all the blood veins were carrying blood towards my pussy. My whole body began to tremble. I clinged to Sonu and arched high so that his penis could reach to the bottom. Sonu realized this and with a powerful thrust, he plunged into me. 

He felt the convulsions in my pussy. There were waives after waives coming again & again. I experienced a terribly powerful orgasm. Realising that I had my orgasm, Sonu prepared himself for the final release. His attack on my pussy accelerated. I felt his thick penis swell even more and with a loud moan, Sonu came. He started pouring his hot metal into me. He spurted and spurted and spurted….. until the last drop of his semen oozed out. We remained holding each other till my breathing came to normal. Sonu looked at me and smiled. He then kissed me again passionately and said, `Thank you, Didi, you have paid me salary for the full month’ I appreciated his sense of humor and reciprocated, Thank you, Sonu, I got the receipt. My tank is full’ Hello friends, did you like my story? It is rather lengthy, but the reason is I have given you full details. 

If you like it, please email me and convey your suggestions/remarks, especially, girls are welcome to have friendship with me. My email address is rao.suman30@gmail.com. I have one suggestion to make to my female friends. If you are in love, don’t ever neglect the feelings of our boyfriend. If he is shy, then encourage him, train him, try to boost his confident in himself. In case, he invites you to a movie, go ahead without hesitating. Even if in the darkness of a movie hall, he is not trying to touch you, take his hands in your hand, press it lightly. This will give him confidence to express his love. If he tries to touch your breasts, don’t refrain yourself. Let him do it. If he tries to kiss you, offer your lips. Mere kiss will not harm you in any way. I am convinced that female body is for the enjoyment of males. Keep it in perfect shape and then offer it to your dear one, without any reservations.

Indian Hot Wives

Hi I don’t want to reveal my real name, but take it as Preethi & its fake as is email address. Well I am just sharing an experience of mine with my colleague at my office. I couldn’t expect a more sexual experience in life like that day. Let’s call him Ajith.He was 27 years of age. I am 25 years of age. After my PG I got a post of office staff in a firm at Kochi. In office there were lot of people who were willing to talk around me mainly because I was young & fair. But Ajith was not someone, he was different & he didn’t talk to me & was busy at work. He seems shy or introvert or something. I slowly liked him & eventually got more interested in him. After a couple of weeks Ajith & me were talking during lunch breaks & I liked his company. I don’t know about Ajith, but I really liked him as time went past. 

I, as a young girl liked to get more from Ajith. As time went by we became friends & I really liked to get intimate with Ajith. One Sunday, we both arranged for a day out at marine drive & I was astonished that he agreed & came by. We walked through the drive, didn’t utter a word. I thought Ajith was feeling little nervous. So we decided to sit on a secluded bench in the corner. I really wanted to get some sex talk before something. I asked him “Ajith, What are your take on marriage? “Well…. Preethi actually I don’t want to get married. “Why ? are you not interested in sexx ? “Yes I would like to have sex but no marriage. Which girl will like that, Preethi?. No girl will like to have sex with a man whom she is not willing to marry. I got struck by that answer, but I really liked his honesty. So I asked “Well Ajith … will… will you like to have sex with me? As I completed the question, I could feel the nervousness in his breath & his confusion. “hey Ajith I am not asking you to marry me. 

I would like to have hot sex with you. Ajith nervously said yaa… Preethi sure. We both went to a nearby lodge & took a single room for a day. I can’t express my feeling or his. He was more perplexed than me. We went into the room & Ajith locked the door. We sat in the bed looking nervously at each other thinking what to do? I looked at his eyes & I couldn’t resist my feeling nor could he. He slowly touched my hand then came close to my face & looked passionately at each other. I was the one to break the tension, I couldn’t bear it anymore & I kissed & bite his lips & in a second we both were kissing our everything. Even though we were dressed, we liked these things & he was kissing my neck, squeezing my breasts, hugging my pelvis, rubbing my thighs, caressing my buttocks. My moaning made him to do something special & he started pressing & fondling my thing (you know vagina) & uuuufffffff it was special. I intentionally moaned a little louder to make him aggressive. I also wanted to give him something special & forcefully pushed him to the bed, went to his lips, gave him a hot soft kiss, went downward. I took his hard penis with both my hands & he was shell shocked & moaned. 

I removed his belt, unzipped his pants, and removed it forcefully. Ohhhh I can’t explain that scene. His penis almost popping out of his dark brown jetty & I excited him by rubbing it. Tell you what he liked it. His both nuts were round & large enough. I wanted to make him more fun full. Even though wearing his brown jetty, I liked his round nuts & licked it slowly. He was over the moon & moaned loudly. That made me mad, & I played his nuts & penis & swallowed it in my mouth & bit them. This made him laid down & he couldn’t resist his temptation. He removed his shirt & I was excited to see this new well curved man in my front. He was hot in his jetty. He went slowly to my back, pressed my buttocks then unhooked my churidar slowly. He asked me to do nothing & stay still to which I did the same. He raised my churidar from bottom, removed it over head & I was wearing this white bra. He made me turn around then started eagerly looking at my round breast to which I gave him a wicked bite in his lips. I removed my ornaments. He then put both his hands in my neck, slowly went down through my breast squeezing it (that I enjoyed), then untied my bottom pants & lowered it forcefully. Now both of us were in our underwear’s, Ajith wearing his brown jetty & I am wearing this white bra & blue panties. We looked each other’s body eagerly, to do exciting things & hugged each other’s body aggressively. 

He asked me if I want something special to which I nodded instantly. He laid me in his bed, went to my pantie, started licking eagerly at my vagina part, to which I moaned loudly to make him exciting. Well he was aggressive at that & quickly removed my pantie & started tasting my thing. I haven’t got excited so much in my life as this moment. How can I express it. He went straight to my bra unhooked it & then started biting my breast which even though painful for me, but I was enjoying it. I asked him to pump some excitement & he instantly removed his jetty to reveal his hard large penis & cute round balls. Tell you what it was exciting to watch. I opened my legs to give him invitation of pleasure & he instantly responded by pushing his penis into my vagina. Ohhhhh What a feeling it was to have a Ajith’s large hot penis into my soft vagina.. Ohhhhhhh it was nice. I told him to bring his body & shoulders to my body which he did. I hugged him excitingly & tightly which made him mad & he started pumping his penis so fast that I can’t even stop moaning for some two minutes. He was so exciting at pumping his penis. 

He asked me to time our rathimoorcha, which I could not understand which he clarified as ejaculation. I agreed to it. After two minutes of pushing my vagina, I can’t hold my rathimoorcha & I asked him that I am ready. He nodded & said at his saying OK both of us will fire. After another 15 some seconds of pumping his penis in mine I said I couldn’t bear anymore to which he instantly said OK & both of us were aggressively pumping hugging tightly & all wets things came through our sex organs. It lasted for some 10 seconds & we both instantly kissed each other. We dressed up & looked at each other in somewhat guilt, but smiled. He told me that it was exciting company with me. I complemented him by kissing at his lips. Ohhhhh that was a nice day which I couldn’t forget in my life.

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